EQUATIONS: equations of peace

The Equations of Peace program brings six women or girls of the same age (for example, three Israeli students and three Palestinian students, or three Ukrainian students and three Russian students) to the United States for four months. The six students will collaborate on research in mathematics under the instruction of Harvard- and Oxford-trained mathematician, Dr. Jonathan Farley. The Equations of Peace program is non-political.

I urge you to close your eyes and imagine a world in which women of different colors and nationalities, regardless of any restrictions due to religious and ethnic prejudice and the political war of governments, are able to work on mathematical matters. A world where the number of women in mathematics is not less than the number of men. Imagine a world where a human being can travel anywhere with ease, acquire any book, in order to do research. Imagine equations of peace.’
—Zeinab Bandpey, co-author of “Rough Sets Applied in Sublattices and Ideals of Lattices.”